Metal Roof                                                                 Tile Roof

The ski slope method of installing leaf protection ensures that leaves and other matter including birds and vermin are prevented from building up on or in the roof. Leaves are then either washed or blown across the guard and off the roof allowing water to travel into the gutters and downpipes freely.

The leaf guard is fixed to the gutters edge with a 90 degree angle colorbond trim using zincalume screws then covering the first tile it tucks under the second tile forming the “ski slop” effect. Some other products on the market only fit into the gutter which allows leaves to sit on top of the guard which restricts water flowing into the gutters, thus creating a waterfall over the top and floods anything beneath.

Wide Range Of Colours To Match Almost Any Roof/Gutter

Before and After

Below are a few samples of the buildup of debris under the in-gutter systems

Do I Need Gutter Protection?

One key area for maintaining your property is the roof and gutters. Although every building is different, all are at risk from water damage and some fire damage too. From a minor leak to violently destructive winds or bushfires, any unwanted water intrusion or ember attacks can significantly impact the value of a your property and family.

Why waste your hard earned money on constant gutter cleaning. The more often different people are on a roof, the more chance some one is going to get hurt and/or damage is going to occur. Why not offer a maintenance free option that will add value to the property and save money in the long term.


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